JOHNNY THORPE Expert Trapping Methods

Deadly Trapping Tactics By Professional Trapper Johnny Thorpe

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Delve into the expertise of one of trapping's most celebrated figures. Johnny Thorpe, with over fifty years of trapping experience, shares his advanced techniques and methods in these detailed manuals written for the professional longline trapper. Follow Johnny on the trapline and uncover the secrets that made him a top trapper throughout his long life.

Known for his hands-on instruction, Johnny's handwritten notes have been meticulously transcribed and are now available in this program, offering the same depth of knowledge at a fraction of the cost. Original hand drawn illustrations further enhance the points he describes.

Johnny's professional trapping methods, honed well over fifty seasons, provide valuable insights for trappers of all levels. As he always reminded his students, "It's what's in between the fancy covers that matters, kids!"

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Fur Taking Methods Of A Wilderness Wolfer

This treatise by Johnny Thorpe provides detailed insights into effective techniques for trapping foxes and coyotes in deep snow using steel traps, emphasizing the importance of understanding natural elements and animal behavior. Thorpe critiques various "gimmick" methods and shares his own proven strategies, including the use of large jaw spread traps and proper set locations. The key to success, according to Thorpe, lies in working with nature and adapting to harsh winter conditions.

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$ 45.00

Pocket & Spring Hole Sets

Discover the timeless art of trapping with Johnny Thorpe’s guide to pocket and spring hole sets. This manual, rooted in generations of expertise, provides clear, practical instructions for both seasoned trappers and beginners. Gain essential skills and insights to enhance your trapping success with these proven, sustainable techniques.

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$ 45.00

Deep Snow Cat Trapping

"Deep Snow Bobcat Trapping" provides a detailed guide to mastering the art of trapping bobcats in challenging winter conditions. With practical tips, step-by-step instructions, and expert strategies, this book is designed for both seasoned trappers and beginners. Learn how to effectively set traps and track bobcats in deep snow, ensuring successful and sustainable catches.

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Master Trappers

Featuring detailed biographies of influential trappers, including Johnny Thorpe, and insights into trapping techniques and theories, this 400-page volume is a Treasure Trove! With 650 color photos and illustrations, Master Trapper is one of the most comprehensive trapping books of the last fifty years. Illustrations by acclaimed artist Joe Goodman add to the book's visual appeal.