The pricing page

Easy to build, immediate to understand


For your basic needs

$ 9.99 per month

Here you can list features

One per paragraph

Each paragraph will be clearly divided

So your customers will have no problems understanding what they are buying


If you need something more

$ 19.99 per month

Again, one feature per row

In a simple list of paragraphs

Easy to scan and to read

If you notice, this is slightly bigger and "special"


For premium customers

$ 29.99 per month

Premium features

One per line

But check also the button

Now it's different

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a section like this using a list shown as an "accordion"

Answer to question number #1. Remember to use the "show an accordion" option to get this layout

You can use this layout anywhere you are using a list. Actually, this is just another "view" of a list where each question/answer is an element - with the "title" being the question and the "body" the answer

Yes of course - as you see the image will be shown to the right, left or above, as you choose in the "list item layout" section