Realvolve studies your connections so you can focus on building true relationships — the foundation of a strong business. Realvolve guides your activity and predicts the impact on your business. Realvolve automates your work in timely precision with the most powerful workflow platform in the industry.


Internal and External Automated Communication While most common CRMs give agents a place to store and manage contacts, Realvolve offers automation that communicates dynamically between your team members and clients. Keep your communications managed in a single place, and never let a critical conversation fall through the cracks again. While most common CRMs


As Your Team Evolves, Realvolve Adapts Realvolve is built to grow and scale with your ever-changing business needs! When team members come, go, or change roles within your organization, Realvolve is like having an additional team member who will never leave you, never ask for a vacation, and will literally perform hundreds of tasks for you each day; even as you sleep soundly, trusting that details are never falling through the cracks.


Realvolve Gives Team Member Insights Via Admin Accounts A feature unique to Realvolve, admin account owners have special permissions that allow them to ‘login as’ any agent in your team, allowing team leads to more effectively coach and consult members for greater team success. While most common CRMs While most common CRMs While most common CRMs



  • Record each contact’s personal and professional information and keep a journal of notes and correspondence
  • Maintain a collection of documents and files per person
  • Send email, SMS, and social media messages directly from the application
  • Track referral and lead sources
  • Manage your deadlines and capture important dates
  • Use the per-item calendar to view the dates and tasks for a single contact, property, or transaction
  • Use the system calendar to see all your events
  • Use powerful workflows to systematize repetitive tasks
  • Synchronize your contacts, calendar, and tasks with Google Apps, and synchronize your notes with Evernote
  • Add annotations and attachments to your data directly via email
  • Import information from almost any other CRM application
  • Automate processes with customized zaps in Zapier.com
  • Export contacts to Google Drive to print Avery labels and envelopes



  • Enter and review all vital information in a simple, clean user interface
  • List all parties participating in the sale or purchase of a property
  • Maintain an album of photos and a portfolio of pertinent documents
  • Keep track of your important tasks and activities
  • Track important events, such as listing expiration and closing dates
  • Keep detailed records of services performed for seller reporting
  • Calculate net commissions on each transaction
  • Send and log incoming and outgoing posts, SMS messages, and email
  • Customize and send bulk email messages to your contacts
  • Collaborate and assign tasks to other members of your team
  • Choose what information you share with colleagues
  • Create/Edit HTML document templates for easy mail merge
  • Search for anything: names, addresses, tag, words, phrases
  • Categorize freely, using tags, to organize your data into searchable sets
  • Add files and images via drag and drop from your desktop


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Workflows that go way beyond checklists and drip campaigns.

The power of The Realvolve Workflow Platform lies in its flexibility to handle everything from the most common systems to more sophisticated, conditional based workflows for your entire team, making your brokerage or personal practice more productive and efficient.


Realvolve integrates with the most popular applications on the Web.

Leverage the information you’ve already amassed in Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Realvolve exchanges contacts and events with Google’s services with a click of a button.




Never miss a tweet again. Realvolve monitors Twitter for you and highlights new tweets in the Radar. Of course, you can direct message, anyone, right from the Realvolve application. Better yet, all correspondence — email, posts, tweets, text messages

— is stored for future reference.




Real estate agents on-the-go love to record and recall ideas with Evernote. Connect any Evernote notebook with an item in Realvolve to synchronize notes in both systems.




Need to send a quick message to a client? Send emails directly from Realvolve. Better yet, every person, property, and transaction in Realvolve has its own mailbox and email address, perfect for capturing important attachments or email that originates in other email applications.




Nothing gets attention as fast as a text message. Send, receive, and save SMS messages without ever reaching for your telephone.




Have another application to connect to Realvolve? Zapier can help. Build a Zapier “zap” for your software and exchange data in real-time with Realvolve?

Do you need a CRM?

Is Realvolve a Game Changer in Real Estate?

Yes. While you can earn a living generating leads and selling homes without a CRM – if you want to build a True Business that lasts and performs in any market conditions, a CRM is essential. Yes. Realvolve improves on every aspect of CRM software. Realvolve builds on the technology you use daily (such as the Web, email, Google Apps, and more) and helps you work smarter and more effectively, so you can focus on what matters most. People.

Does the Realvolve CRM do everything older legacy, industry CRMs do?

Does Realvolve offer drip campaigns?

More is not better…Better is better. We intentionally and deliberately keep things simple. We do less and ensure each feature we offer is thoughtful, practical, and beautiful. Yes…but better. We offer you the ability to create any kind of campaign/plan/workflow that you like, limited only by your imagination. We don’t offer pre-written drip campaigns because we don’t feel that people like to be “dripped on” with generic meaningless messages. However, many of our Realvolve’rs have created workflows and share them with the Realvolve community for free in our rapidly growing workflow library. If you like one, it only takes a few clicks and it’s installed!


Reviewed by Shawn Bell


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Now that you've seen how Realvolve can be a complete Game Changer for you, you're probably thinking "how the heck am I going to set this up?"

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