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Retail businesses today deal with enormous difficulties in delivering the rapid, trusted, 24x7 omnichannel experience that users demand. And also, those individuals will not linger for you to get it ideal: 53% of mobile website visitors will certainly leave a web page that takes longer than 3 Sec to load.

Optimal load times for peak conversions varied from 1.8 to 2.7 seconds throughout device types.

  • On Desktop, Pages that loaded in 1.8 seconds experienced the highest possible conversion price (12.8%).
  • On Mobile, Pages that loaded in 2.7 seconds experienced the Highest Conversion Rate (3.3%).
  • On Tablet Computers, pages that loaded in 1.9 secs experienced the highest possible conversion price (7.2%).

While mobile users delayed in all metrics, it is very important to note that user expectations are still quite high: 2.7 second load times are difficult to achieve on mobile, however this is what customers anticipate.

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