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Keystroke theft, known as keylogging is the #1 malware component responsible for identity theft on your device. Keyloggers are commonly downloaded as a result of clicking on an infected link inside an email, text or web page. This keystroke stealing malware steals everything you type including your Social Security Numbers, bank account information, usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, email and text messages.


Our SecureKeyboard plan separates us from the competition with our patented EndpointLock keystroke encryption software.


EndpointLock protects your desktop and mobile devices against cybercriminals who steal your identity and money through your keystrokes.


EndpointLock eliminates the ability of keylogging spyware to capture keystrokes on your device, even those not yet discovered by antivirus, antispyware and firewalls.


EndpointLock protects the device by creating an alternate encrypted pathway, routing the keystrokes around the area of vulnerability. No anti-virus software has this capability.


Protect your passwords and login credentials to all of your sensitive accounts.


Feel secure when you enter your credit card information by preventing it from being captured by a keylogger.


Installation is easy and the app works in the background. You just set it and forget it as EndpointLock encrypts everything you type.