Dale And Maria Fowler

About The Author:

Fowler’s writing background started in the screenplay industry twenty-five plus years ago having sold or optioned properties to production companies like MGM, Prelude Pictures, Studio 54, IO Productions and LionsGate. He has been commissioned to rewrite and polish many other individual’s screenplays along the way. Fowler maintained the book rights to all his screenplays and is now writing the book version to many of these properties. Fowler resides in South Florida with his wife, Maria and has three children, Seleck, Calaine, and Sutton.


Published by Venture Galleries, “The Shroud”  tells the story of a Nobel Prize winning scientist that takes blood from the Shroud of Turin (The linen cloth that wrapped Jesus in the tomb after his crucifixion) and inseminates the DNA into several women in his in-vitro clinic in L.A. His obsession with the Second Coming produces descendants from “The Shroud” that are now in their late twenties. The doctor is murdered and a private investigator is hired to run these individuals down. Murder, miracles, and resurrection is unleashed as these descendants are found creating a battleground between evil and good.

Dr. Royce Benders in the mid-eighties seems to have it all. A Nobel Peace Prize winner on the cutting edge of the rapidly developing DNA field for criminology and human embryogenesis. But Benders’ dream has nothing to do with fame or fortune. He is a devout Christian obsessed with the Second Coming and impatient to see it in his lifetime. The Catholic Church invites Dr. Benders to work on The Shroud of Turin to help devise a plan to save the rapidly deteriorating linen cloth that wrapped Jesus in the tomb after his crucifixion. Taking blood from the holiest of Christian artifacts, he returns to L.A. and inseminates several women in his in-vitro clinic to hasten the Second Coming. Now these descendants of The Shroud are in their late twenties. What Dr. Benders successfully created is filled with both heaven and hell.



“Crisscross” a book about a railroad serial killer hunted by railroad bull (cop) across five states was published in 2013 by Venture Galleries. It is available on Venture Galleries, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.​ Randy McConnell has worked for the Union Pacific for twenty plus years as a railroad cop and is used to seeing death on the rails. Rarely is the death anything but an accident that happens when hobo’s try to jump from one car to the next going sixty MPH. He finds himself face to face with a sophisticated serial killer that understands forensics and leaves a trail of deception and death that fools even the FBI. As the bodies pile up, McConnell uses his instinct and follows a different path than other law agencies that brings his worst nightmares to life. This murder mystery has many twists that turns the case upside down and leads the reader in directions never anticipated. When everything seems set in concrete, the plot line blows up in everyone’s face. Your face included.



By Dale Fowler

New Orleans is one of the most unique cities not only in the United States, but the world. It was my home in the nineties, and I met some of the friendliest and well-mannered individuals this great country has to offer. The citizens are deep South and take pride in their food, and certainly what kind of alcoholic beverage they drink and offer to you. Orleans’ people don’t go looking for trouble, it has a way of stalking them. One of my neighbors in his wonderful Cajun accent once told me; “The devil wasn’t born here, but he raised a family and comes back to visit on a regular basis.” New Orleans is the backdrop for “Love of My Death”; and yes, it is a love story. One the devil would approve of. It has murder, mafia hit men, UFO abductions, affairs, and a myriad of other human evils that come to haunt this sexy city. Just your average week, on and around Bourbon Street. All this human tragedy falls in the lap of Detective Chris Dale and a reporter for the local newspaper, Jessie James McGaha. Both are charged with figuring out the evil individuals from the saints. Something that is anything but obvious when reading the book. Many people are good one moment, but bad the next. Some characters steal your heart, and then beat you to death with it.

“Love of My Death” has at its foundation a love affair between a wealthy, aristocratic pillar of the New Orleans’ society (Trey Stephens) and a mysterious and beautiful city newcomer (Gayle Kidd). The Stephens’ family wield power over gambling, hotels and other nefarious institutions, but has met their match in the wickedness that Gayle Kidd has preformed in the past. Detective Dale is introduced to the ongoing death while investigating the murder of a street musician (Bailly) that has connections to the mob. Bailly’s grandson (Emrik) witnessed the death of his grandfather and ran for his own life into the underbelly of the New Orleans’ night, barely escaping the same fate. When asked by Detective Dale; “Who killed your grandfather and gave chase after you?” Emrik swears it was; “the devil”. Detective Dale has never investigated a case like this, and solicits the help of Jessie McGaha to paint the true picture of what happened in the mob killings, and the conjuring of a real devil known by the locals as a “Hell Raising”. Take a tumultuous ride into the depths of hell, way beyond this planet with Detective Dale and Jessie McGaha, putting the pieces together and walking down a trail they can never return.



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