The Power of 3 Bonus is a bonus that rewards you by building your team in a “3X3” method. The entirety of the bonus is achieved in 3 stages. We’ll focus on the first stage and second stages in this section. Stage 1: 300 total PV for $50 Bonus If you build a 1st level of 3 active members, you qualify for the first step of the Power of 3 Bonus, which means you get a $50 bonus, in addition to the Organizational Level Bonus. So on that first generation, you are making $120 monthly (the Power of 3 Bonus is paid out each month you meet the requirements). Stage 2: All 3 members in your 1st level have 3 active members To reach milestone 2 of the Power of 3 Bonus, all you have to do is make sure that each member of your down-line has three active members in their down-line (see diagram below). Now you are earning $250 through the Power of 3 Bonus on your second level, along with $50 earned from your first level, and additional to the commissions you will earn through the Organizational Level Bonus. Let’s calculate what your earnings would be if your down-line looked like the example above. For your first level, you would be making or earning 7% of your Level 1 CV, which we calculated earlier as $70. Now we’ll take the 7% of the CV from your Level 2 Members. The Level 2 of the example above is generating 900 CV, which is $63. You’re now making $133 monthly on your Organizational Level Bonus, as well as qualifying for your $250 Power of 3 Bonus, putting you at $383 monthly income. You’ve reached your goal! You are now covering the cost of your membership, your monthly product, and you are making an additional $433 in income monthly. 4. MAKE $1500 A MONTH The average American’s median income is around $32,000 a year; that breaks down to around $2,600 monthly. If that person could make an additional $1,500 monthly, imagine the changes in their lifestyle they could make! Now think about what an additional $1,500 and the difference it would make in your life? Using the Power of 3 Bonus, we will show you how to set goals that will help you receive an additional $1,500 monthly. Every person is unique, so your tree will likely look very different from our example, but use it as a guide to set your own goals. To qualify for the $1500 Bonus, continue the pattern of helping each member in your 2nd level place 3 active team members in their down-line. It is so important to maintain close contact with the 3 members in your 1st level, as well as all persons in your down-line. Supporting them will be critical in accomplishing 3 successful levels. With each member in your 1st and 2nd levels having three active members in their downline, The Power of 3 Bonus is now maximized at $1500 paid out monthly, for as many months as you maintain a successful Power of 3 chain. Again, these numbers are all an example of how someone could achieve the maximum Power of 3 Bonus. Discuss with your sponsor how you could factor in real people and numbers into your goal to achieve the Power of 3 Bonus. And remember, the Power of 3 Bonus can be multiplied by the number of additional Power of 3’s you have, starting with your first level and working with those on your second and third levels to enjoy the bonuses available for every Power of 3 chain you have.