Business owners have billions of dollars waiting for them and most owners don't know about it.

Business owners are entitled to receive government money as an incentive for keeping employees employed

Tax and finance professionals are working around the clock to help businesses take advantage of these new regulations

Let a professional and seasoned company consisting of tax attorneys, as well as tax law professionals, guide you through the red tape.

Thousands of companies have applied for and received unexpected large sums of money. Click the button below, answer a few questions and you can too.

Large companies with thousands of employees and, even small 501C3s (not-for-profit) have all received their funds. We can do the same for your company.

There will be no cost to you if you do not receive funds, and if you do, you won't have to pay it back, you pay only a small percentage of the recovered funds.


Receive up to $26,000 for every employee in your business that worked through the pandemic

Thats what a large number of our clients are getting back.New government regulations are allowing businesses that operated through the pandemic to recover massive amounts of funds.

An estimated, 90% of businesses that apply receive money!

Over one TRILLION dollars were allocated by the government

Yes, you are reading that correctly, that's a 90% success rate, think of it, 9 out of 10 businesses get a substantial amount of money back after we help guide them through the application process.



Corey Price

Corey Price


If you owned a business that hired at least two W2 employees during the pandemic, you can qualify. This money is for almost any type of business, such as restaurants, hair salons, gyms, agencies, web designers, bars, small nonprofit organizations, and large corporations.

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due to time limitations for businesses to claim their money, we are recruiting affiliates to help get the word out before it's too late. You can collect a nice commission just for informing businesses of this program, just click the link below, fill out a quick survey, and receive a special link to direct businesses to, once they receive their funds, you get paid,it's an all-around win for everyone. click the link to get started. Thank You!