Our Awesome Collection of Templates

White Label

Add your own Logo, your own brand, your own plans, and what goes into each account with respect to plans

White Label Product Management

Ability to create a product and make product bundles by assigning individual features to that product which is added to a specific plan

QR Codes

Ability to Generate and Share QR codes for your pages so you can send people right where you want them to go.

Help Videos

A Robust Help Section with Plenty of Training Videos To Help Guide You

Email Transport System

Allows you to utilize SendGrid, SendInBlue, and Soon coming- Custom STMP will allow you to utilize your own emails, Gmail, etc.

E-commerce Product Referral Buy Back System

Allows people to sign up and have their own share link by which they can receive commissions that are assigned to products. You can set different commissions for each product.

Product CSV File Upload

You can add products individually or by CSV upload file. You can add multiple CSV files, whether overwriting products or adding to the existing products.


Have email notifications sent to you or the vendor when customers purchase for easy product fulfillment management.

Inventory Control

Easily set and keep track of stock per each product on hand and know if something is out of stock, which is shown on the website to customers.

Related Products

You can choose products related to each product for even more sales.

Easy E-Commerce Store

Set up your E-commerce store, add products, and you are ready to get customers! It can be that quick!

SEO Titles and Meta Description

for Both Google and Facebook, etc. and distinguish your brand from everyone else.

Build complete websites - in 10 minutes

This platform allows you to easily build complete websites - quickly. Using templates or starting from scratch, you will have astonishing sites with no effort and in a matter of minutes

Desktop adaptive - perfect on mobile

Build once, work everywhere. Our technology gives you pixel perfect websites that look great on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Seamlessly and without any specific effort from you.

Use your own domains - with SSL!

Freely personalize and brand all your websites with your own custom domain - and add a globally trusted SSL certificate to make your site even more reliable and valuable to users and search engines

A full fledged e-commerce system - included

In each website you build you will have a full-fledged and complete e-commerce system: all you have to do is add products, enter your payment details - and start receiving orders and collecting money

Tons of beautiful ready-made templates

Creating beautiful websites is a breeze with our system: you can choose among dozens and dozens of ready made, astonishing templates that will allow you to be online immediately - with style

A flexible and modular approach

All websites are built using widgets - flexible and powerful components that you can use, re-use and clone to build the perfect combination for your needs, with minimum effort and maximum results

Users management - easy as 1-2-3

Managing logins, creating members-only areas and collecting users and leads is a very advanced feature - that we have made easy as 1-2-3 and included in our main websites builder platform

Effective lead generation tools

Generating leads is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons, entering your email and choosing a widget. That's all you will have to do to create an online lead-capturing machine - in a snap

Digital coupons - easy as a pie

Virtual coupons are a great tool for capturing new leads and growing sales. You will be able to create, manage and share all the digital coupons you want, easy for you and for your customers

Virtual loyalty cards - ready to be used

A great way to increase customer loyalty and grow revenues is offering virtual loaylty cards. Use this platform to create and manage all the loyalty cards you want - for you or for your customers

Scratchards - for fun and for business

Scratch'n'win games are awesome marketing tools to engage your visitors and increase your brand awareness while having moments of fun. Easily build all the scratchards you want with this platform!

A complete food ordering system

Bars, pizza places, fast foods and other restaurants greatly benefit from websites and native apps - especially if they have an integrated and complete food ordering system. And we certainly do.

Integrations with the most common tools

Working alone is never the best strategy. That's why the platform integrates perfectly with popular marketing tools like MailChimp, that you can use in combination of the leads collection forms