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There is no need for you to know a thing about Twitter, and this is a campaign like no other!

Our top-notch Twitter team will study your Directory business listing, research the best #hashtags, and create a Twitter post about your business.  We will then send the Twitter post to you, receive your approval of the post, and place that post in OUR Twitter feed where it will be seen at least twice DAILY, and people who are interested will engage with you and/or SHARE your post with their audiences.

This is a Twitter campaign where we take YOUR business events, products, and services out to OUR followers to advertise you to even more people than you already are.

Our Twitter team is extremely good at what they do, and are able to bring in real followers (not bots) who are interested, active, and responsive in what we show them (which are YOUR events, products, and services), and they share it with their audiences.

At this time, we have a little over 3,300 followers, and it's an exciting thing to watch our Twitter campaign in action, and I can't wait for it to start again!

As soon as this Twitter campaign is running, we'll start working on our Instagram campaign.

More exposure and more eyes to see what you have to offer...without the hassle!

You'll be able to check it out live right here and see it in action soon (Launching February 2020).

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