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If you live in Santa Clarita, CA and own a swimming pool, you will want clean swimming pool water. But sometimes it doesn’t happen. Poor circulation, poor filtration and improper water balance can lead to cloudy pool water. For this reason, we recommend that you call us! (661) 714-4201. We specialize in sparkling clean water! 

How to Vacuum Your Pool - with a video

Step 1) Lower the vacuum head into the water until it is touching the bottom.   

Step 2) Keep the vacuum pole locked in place and make sure the head stays in contact with the floor of the pool.  


Step 3) Take the free end of the vacuum hose and hold it in front of the water return outlet to fill it with water. Bubbles will begin to rise from the vacuum head. Wait until all bubbles have escaped to pull it away from the outlet, but make sure the hose remains fully submerged.   


Step 4) Insert the open end of the hose into the vacuum plate (also known as a skimmer plate or skimmer disk), and place the plate into your pool wall skimmer, directly atop the suction vent. This will initiate the vacuuming process.   


Step 5) Starting at the shallow end, move the vacuum along the pool floor in a slow and controlled manner until it's clean. For larger pools, it may help to move in a grid pattern.  


Step 6) If the vacuum gets stuck, turn off the pump, reposition the head and turn the pump back on again. Remove large debris from the pump strainer if it begins to overflow.   


Step 7) If you lose suction power during the vacuuming process, remove the hose from the vacuum plate and hold it over the water return outlet again. Follow the same steps after all bubbles have escaped.

Step 8: Call us at (661) 714-4201

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