We Create Magical Experiences

It’s Not What You Believe - It’s What You Make Believe!

You were born to play. Within us we all have a deep instinct to expand our experiences with music, art, dance, and revelries. Our Mission is to bring mythic stories to life for both young and the young at heart.

Coaching and Partnering with Your Creative Team

We can show you how to harness this power of play, whether you are creating a Festival of your own or if you need to create a local business event. Long before we started building our own events we were veterans of many fairs as vendors and musicians; we have seen the landscape from different sides of the road.


We want to help you tap into the potential that play can have for yourself, your entire enterprise and for your family and kids.

For over a decade MythPlaced Productions has been the prime force behind the New York Faerie Festival.

We will consult with you and your team to help develop a better plan to get your events off and running right from the start.


We are currently accepting a very limited number of applications for Consultation for 2022.  Contact us to see if we can help develop your project.

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