Local Client System

Local Client System

Most local business owners recognize they need online marketing. However, they are bombarded with calls from “Google” and other marketers. We have built our businesses by creating relationships with local referral sources and providing true value to our clients. 

Getting Prepared


Keywords are the foundation for everything we will do online for our client. Without doing keyword research you’re shooting in the dark. We will discuss why you need to take the time to do your research and how this will help you with your online marketing.

Competition Research

It is important when you first consider a new client to research the competition and determine how competitive the market is in your area.


You will need optimized images for the clients GMB listing, the website, social media and photo sharing sites. Never upload an image unless it is geo-tagged and optimized. Create a folder on your hard drive or in dropbox or other storage area for each client. Create a folder inside called Graphics. Within that folder, create folders for: Optimized Images Social Media Banners Logos and Profile Images

GMB Fundamentals

By optimizing for local you can take advantage of the local intent of search engines for better visibility.

Ranking Online

Google Search

Google is where most people will search when looking for a local product or service. This is where you need to be found. There are two places on Google to rank your business: The Google Map Pack – usually found right under the paid advertising which displays a map and three business below the map Organic listings – below the map Not all searches will return a Google map pack. While doing your keyword research we asked you to make a note of which keywords produced a map listing. This is where your business needs to be found. You can often force a Google 3 pack area by creating your google listing. This is a quick way to get on page one.

Bing | Yelp

Bing is the 4th largest search engine and often preferred by the baby boomer generation. This is just one more place where you can be found online and only takes a few minutes to setup. Let’s first take a look at the market share between the two rivals. In the US, Bing occupies a third of the market. A third! That’s pretty high given that ‘Google it’ is now a heavily used phrase by the masses, whereas have you ever heard anyone say ‘Bing it’? Probably not. Bing is undeniably still a key player in the search engine rivalry contest and it has many enviable features. There is a general consensus among search engine users that Bing simply looks better. Although the main search results look very similar, other types of searches such as news tend to fare considerably better in the Bing results.


According to Google, predominance on the web is one of the major factors that affect local search rankings. Predominance is how many places is your client listed on the web and what directories are linking to your clients website.

Image Citations

According to Google, predominance on the web is one of the major factors that affect local search rankings. Predominance is how many places is your client listed on the web and what directories are linking to your clients website. This includes places where you can upload images. When you do a keyword search on Google, often images will appear at the top. Clicking on the image can lead people to your website or citation listing

Content Creation

Website Design

We recommend that you use MobiFirst, Joomla, or Wordpress for your client’s website. If they already have a website that is not a wordpress site, consider creating a blog site to syndicate for SEO purposes.   We created one checklist for everything on the website regardless of which platform is being employed.

Website Content

Our goal is to attract potential customers but also to grab the attention of the search engines. It is imperative that you do your keyword research BEFORE you start this training. You should have a list of primary keywords, long tail keyword

Blogs | Social

Content is king – this is and always has been the #1 criteria for ranking with Google. We recommend that you post to the client’s website at lease 1-2 times per week until they are ranking in the three pack. We will use these posts in the social media section of our systems.

Load Speed

People are impatient these days and waiting for a site to load is not what they want to spend their time on. If you client’s website is slow to load it will definitely affect their ranking.

Social Media


In the three previous sections of Local Client Systems, we laid the ground work for effective online marketing for your client. By knowing their keywords and the competition we can now focus on our social media efforts. Without putting in this effort you are just flying blind and wasting effort.


People search LinkedIn to find other professionals in the same area, the same profession or someone they with whom they can collaborate with. Your profile photo, banner and headline are the first things they see and should attract them to explore further.


Google+ is Google’s latest attempt to enter the arena of social media. Because it is a Google property, it is important that you spend some time each week here. When you create a blog post, add the post to your Google listing and to Google+. This only takes a minute and can go a long way to boosting your rankings.


Videos are getting to be very popular and you will want to include them in your marketing efforts. We will cover the ins and outs of YouTube and some easy sites where you can create videos.

Marketing Strategies

Education | Webinar Marketing

Educational Marketing allows you to address multiple prospects at one time and demonstrate that you have the knowledge needed to help them grow their business.

Directory Marketing

We have successfully used directories both as a “foot-in-the-door” strategy and to generate revenue. This document will cover both concepts as a marketing tool.