Health and Happiness Lead to Radical Well-Being


Radical well-being consists of highly increased levels of health and happiness. Health and happiness constitute a human being’s innate essential needs. When these are not only met but consistently taken to higher levels, we thrive, we flourish.

Increasing vital energy and raising levels of consciousness constitute two major constructs of what I term radical well-being. They are directly interlinked, and I mention in this commentary a few factors that I have utilised to enhance my life performance. Much of the material is ensconced within the broad concept of the acronym SANE MAP. Throughout the blogs and other guiding self-development material there will be much repetition. Not only because many of the aspects are contained within the broad spectrum of striving towards being beyond recovery but also because repetition leads to habit forming, in this case extremely healthy habits, unlike the ones we are moving away from.

Attitude Above All

An unshakable positive attitude is of absolutely primary importance. It is one area over which we do have much control, but often it is not wisely directed and managed. Being consistently aware of our thoughts helps us to readjust quickly should we notice that we are tending towards negativity of any type. Realistic positivity and optimism are energising factors and not just philosophical tools.

Elemental Energy Awareness, Health and Happiness

Strongly aligned with attitude is the subject of energy. Quantum science validates the theory that everything is made up, very simplistically put, of vibrating atoms. Everything is connected. We influence our bodies not only by our actions but by the words we utter and even more amazingly by the very thoughts we have. We are therefore, constantly feeding our bodies, our very being, with the conversations we have, not only with others but as importantly, with ourselves. We are nurturing or spoiling our systems by our very basic style of existence. We feed ourselves with wholesome positive energy, or we malnourish ourselves with unwholesome and de-energising cell food. We are entirely responsible for setting the table that leads to our health and happiness. This allows for an exciting and adventurous approach to living healthily and happily.

We are our own energy creators.

Image of a man doing a happy dance by a lake. Rex Hillier talks about health and happiness in this blog. Photo by from Shutterstock

Love is the Essence

Even though the major religions, well-founded philosophies, and positive psychology teach and proclaim ‘love’ as mostly the first lesson for a life to be well lived, it seems that this is the most difficult lesson for the human species to learn. It is so that especially in extremely ugly circumstances it may seem impossible to apply, and yet it does remain a choice, a decision on our part. While recognising that love is often a very difficult dictum to live by, it remains a path to be always kept in view when recovering from alcoholism; doing our best to at least strive to progress in a loving direction. As we consistently do this it becomes more and more a part of us. Just holding love in our hearts, rather than directing it specifically, can help us to grow ‘in love’.

Experiencing Joy

Profound joy can often be experienced in simple and natural aspects of life. Pleasure tends to be derived from achievement, whereas joy often unfolds and appears of its own accord. There are obvious examples such as a breathtaking red sky sunrise, but sometimes joy just creeps up quietly on us, and often it occurs when we give of ourselves in some way, often spontaneously, unpremeditated. Just a smile, as much cliched as that may sound, can bring intense joy to both the giver and receiver. Joy cannot be sought, it reveals itself. Sometimes a feeling of joy just arises of its own accord for no obvious reason. This suggests to us that it’s a natural urge for us to experience joy and to live joyfully.

Peace – A Piece of Paradise

Like just about everything, peace is within. External circumstances may be tumultuous, but we have the ability to be calm and peaceful within. Easy? No, often extremely difficult. Nevertheless, knowing we have the capacity for self-induced peace, we can consistently strive towards that condition. It is a state of mind that we can create; often by adopting an attitude of acceptance. A growing meditative, contemplative, and accepting attitude and approach to life lends itself more and more to states of peacefulness and calm. This has a resonating influence and often leads to calmer and more peaceful conditions around us. If not actually so, we may rather see aspects of it in the external less harmonious conditions, and thus experience it as being so.

Love, Joy and Peace. Even just contemplating on, and being mindful of, these three lofty states potentially brings about higher consciousness levels of living. And our state of radical well-being grows accordingly.