How To Join Daisy Blueprint

1. You must buy Bitcoins and from this provider you can buy it with your Visa Card:

2. Create a Free account from this link:

3. Inside of Coinmotion, convert your € to Bitcoin.

4. Download the Klever app to your smartphone

5. Log in to Klever (remember to vrite the words in right order on a paper to remember)

6. Upload your Bitcoins from Coinmotion to your Kleverwallet

7. Inside of your Kleverwallet you have to Swap your Bitcoins to TRX (Tron coins)

8. Past this link to Klever Browser (globe second at bottom)

9. When you got enough Tron (TRX) coins in your Klever wallet. You can login to Daisy Program.

10. How to register on Daisy from your Klever app Watch this video before trying to join:

If you need assistance, I will gladly show you so connect with me on my Facebook page write me a PM asking for assistance to join Daisy! (5) TronCoin Investment Portfolio | Facebook  Kurt H Edlund