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Marc Fromme

Marc Fromme

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I was born and raised in Bückeburg, Germany. My little hometown still has a Prince, Alexander Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe and a pretty castle [picture]. 


I met my wife Sandra in Seminary in Germany, and we got married in 1999. Both of us had the vision to minister and serve among Indigenous people. 

Four years later, Sandra and I went to Toronto, Ontario on an eight months term for cross-cultural training and ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. We got involved in different ethnic churches and outreaches. We helped parents in need and started a kids club for their children. While in Toronto, we also served within a small Indigenous church as well. [picture Toronto] We entered into many different opportunities that connected us with influential elders within the First Nations community. Those new contacts affected me in remarkable ways and became key persons to help and coach my wife and I in our decision making many years later. They were an amazing support for me to take the next step and to finish my application to become full time staff with NAIM (North America Indigenous Ministries).

After receiving an invitation to work with NAIM, I was assigned to serve in the Shuswap region, out of Salmon Arm, in central British Columbia, Canada. [picture]

In July 2009, our family of four arrived in Salmon Arm, BC. With a focus on community outreach, mentorship & prison ministry. I am involved in cultural activities, building meaningful relationships within the communities and in one on one visits inside one of BC’s Provincial Correctional Centres. I offer archery for local youth as well as visiting and meeting with people to connect, deepen friendships, and to offer mentorship (since May 2021 coaching). I volunteer at different events including a Community Supper Club and other gatherings within the First Nations community.


About 10 years ago I started to dive more and more into personal development training for myself, to become and grow into a stronger leader. I discovered the Destiny Global Community (former Dani Johnson Community) and their coaching, training programs and tools.

After visiting several Destiny Global events, at that time still led by Dani Johnson, I realized that those events really made all the difference in my life, my personal development and growth.

With this background I jumped right away at this new opportunity during the “Creating a Dynasty” event in November 2020 when Ken Brown (CEO of Destiny Global) first announced the implementation of their new Coaches Program. I understood and seized the opportunity, signing up the same day. I’m super thankful and honoured, that I became part of this incredible program and dynamic group of people. I finished the Coach Training program on May 28th, 2021 as a certified Personal Development Coach with Destiny Global. I’m greatful I got trained to help you reach your personal goals and vision and to support you through coaching, training and tools with everything you need, to completely transform your life …



I love the outdoors, the stunning nature that is surrounding me, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, Italian food and good coffee ☕️ 




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My Story ...

I started on this journey over 15 years ago ...


Deciding for the health of my 2 year old daughter, but against the leadership of the religious non profit organisation that I worked with, brought me to an unbearable stress level and a severe traumatic experience, where I was painfully hurt by people of faith, that I had build a deep relationship with and trusted for years.


I found help through a time of intense coaching. Coaches that I could trust, privided a safe space for me to reflect, leading me steps toward forgiveness and reconciliation. Through their deep empowering questions I was able to design a new vision and goals to live for. With their incredible help I got equipped to slowly find my path towards my destiny and found healing from the wounds of this traumatic experience and I learned to trust again.

This was not a one time fix, but started an adventure of continued learningAt the end it led me to become a certified Coach with Destiny Global myself. My choice to join the Destiny Global Community in August 2019 and to seek the help, training and support of their incredible Coaches accelerated my personal growth.