The Lowdown On Instagram Video Ads

The Lowdown On Instagram Video Ads


John Wogan

The Lowdown On Instagram Video Ads

Instagram users watch a lot of videos. Over the last couple of years viewing rates for videos on Instagram have increased by 80% With this in mind, Instagram have now made it very easy for businesses to create Video Ads to promote their brands and their products and services.

Right now 25% of Instagram Ads are Video Ads and the number is growing. With Instagram being a visual platform it makes perfect sense for you to create compelling videos in order to increase your following, drive traffic to your website or online store and increase your conversions.

You can create a really attention grabbing Video ad with a video file or an animated GIF. Videos are a really great way to showcase your business and the best ones have very high engagement levels. Here we will provide you with the complete lowdown on the specifications for video ads.

General Specifications

There are different sizes of Video Ad which we will discuss in detail a little later. There are a few general specifications that you need to know about:

* All popular video formats supported such as MP4 and MOV. You can also use GIF format

* The maximum video file upload size is 4 GB

* The maximum duration of a video is 120 seconds

* 30 frames per second is the maximum for all video formats

With a video ad you can use the following calls to action:

* Apply now

* Download

* Contact us

* Call now

* Book now

Different Video Ad Sizes

It is very easy to make a mess of things when you are creating Video ads so it is essential that you pay attention to the right sizes and specifications. Some people find getting Video Ads right pretty tricky but you will be fine if you follow the information below on different sizes and specifications.

The Landscape Video Ad

Just like a landscape image, you can use a Landscape Video Ad to feature wider videos. This is a good idea if you want to use a cinematic approach to some of your videos. The wider Landscape Video Ads can have a greater impact on Instagram users than other video sizes.

Here are the important specifications for a Landscape Video Ad:

* The minimum resolution for a Landscape Video Ad on Instagram is 600 X 315 pixels

* The correct aspect ratio for a Landscape Video Ad is 1:91:1

The Square Video Ad

When you choose the Square Video Ad for Instagram you will not notice many changes. It is very important that you check to see how everything will appear on a mobile device including the call to action. Sometimes with this video size you can crop important aspects.

Here are the important specifications for a Square Video Ad:

* The minimum resolution for a Square Video Ad on Instagram is 600 X 600 pixels

* The correct aspect ratio for a Square Video Ad is 1:1

The Vertical Video Ad

The Vertical Video is a common sight on Instagram. When you take video with your smartphone it will be in this format. It is very important that you pay particular attention to the aspect ratio and the resolution with vertical video.

Here are the important specifications for a Vertical Video Ad:

* The minimum resolution for a Vertical Video Ad on Instagram is 600 X 750 pixels

* The correct aspect ratio for a Vertical Video Ad is 4:5


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