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Onpassive   AI Technology is the key to business innovation and development. A company like no other. A Business opportunity that you should not pass up. Powered with AI technology to build and improve the internet market space for all business. It has one goal, to make the internet a better place to do business in a safe and ethical way. Plus make available to all business access to the latest technology that will help grow their business at an affordable price. 

Onpassive will provide when fully launched to the public 100 websites/services. That are easily accessed from any type of device. This is one aspect of Onpassive  online opportunity. A forced Matrix will apply on all new entrants after full launch. This matrix will mean possible life changing income for Founder Members. Which is still open now for a short time? It cost nothing to get more information about the business opportunity.

Before the full launch Founder membership will close. But will become available later, but at a much higher price $997 instead of $97 today. So, please take advantage of this offer.If you accept this invitation from myself. It is  worth noting that I and the other 600000 Founder Members of Onpassive business opportunity. Will get no commission from your payment. It totally goes to the company. To provide the start-up capital for research into the technology used throughout the platform.A soft launch of products is happening now within the Onpassive Founder membership.

The Founder Members are testing these as they get released by the technical team. We expect at 10- 20 websites will be released by end of August21. As they are released to the membership for beta testing, I will post them here on this page.

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