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 "Virtual Business on Mobile"

The sky is the limit, you have the full power

Just placing a 30 sec video on your business card, would your Business card stand out from the others and be remembered at the end of the day?

Gympieonmobile is now eCommerce. Now your customers can browse your product and services and buy from their mobile.  Just think of this at the moment, sitting at the cafe they click on your app- browse your Business or Service- like it-, Buy it or Reserve a reservation for a restaurant- come to the store and pick it up. It's just like having an Amazon or Etsy or Shopify or even a GrooveKart store on mobile. If this is of interest to you or your business send me an inquiry on video. Click here

Your Virtual Business Card can be placed on any social media platform where it can be shared and scanned - So you can invite more customers to find what you are promoting from your Virtual Business Card- read on:

Cost and Save

Say goodbye to the costs of buying new cards. Changing details or running out of cards: Virtual Ready.


Virtual Ready

Customer or Business person asks for your business card- show your mobile -or display on your counter, Car. shop window, or just add it to your social media platform,  just scan here.


Just scan here

No more fumbling around for a business card- Promote a product or discount at anytime- No More Waiting for your advertisement to be seen-  Your Virtual Business Card is working and being shared 24 hrs, 7 Days a week- 365 days of the year. .Just Scan Here.


Professional and Certified app maker

Location of Business: Gympie, Queensland, Australia


         Certified App Developer and Advertiser

Ceo and Founder of Gympieonmobile and Wiswhatsinstore. 35 years in advertising and 15 years as an app maker.

Professional and Certified app maker for the Operations and planning, and development to create and build advertising apps.


         Highlights of Expertise

I have been in advertising since I was 19 years old from selling, advertising for Television, Real Estate, Fashion, and Couriers.

Started a business from half a tank of petrol, with 20 cents, and 1 phone call to making a business from nought to around $3,000 a week.

Professional skills in the creation of organizing run books for economic and fuel-efficient delivery of goods.

Designing advertising slogans that sell for marketers, businesses, and personnel.

I have unique skills and a unique mind and when I put my mind to the project, I can work wonders.


        Making an Impact for the future of Advertising.

Promote your portfolio, services and products 24x7

Make changes to your advertisement with One Click- No More Waiting!!!

What my Virtual Business Card Advertises

Chef Henry didn't like his job, so he brought the restaurant but nobody came because nobody knew he had a restaurant.

So he got an app made and shared it with his friends and placed it on Facebook and Twitter and other social platforms.

They then shared it with their friends and their friends shared it also, now everybody knows he has a restaurant. checkout the video.

Can your Business Card do this? You have an opportunity of wider coverage of your Business and product and now your Business Card can talk but this is only the tip of what Gympieonmobile can do for your Local business-

You can also use your Virtual Business card and share it with your friends, place it on social platforms, advertise it on Facebook, on your car, your counter and as you see, we have your product or business being promoted in many areas all on mobile and with an eCommerce option- The Sky is the Limit.

Sales videos Launching soon.

Prices vary in subscription

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