Hello! We are located on a 5.5 acre farm 15 miles west of Asheville in Waynesville N.C. After 15 years in the medical field I was called to walk out on faith and buy the farm. After working with brain surgeons and brain development researchers I had a medical scare that had me researching alternatives. I had already begun my journey inward and going down the more holistic path. I was able to address it naturally with a positive result a year and a half later. For me personally, the more I chose to address the root cause with a myriad of tools the more I was finding more healing and peace in my life.  

My vision for the farm is to create a safe space for others where all feel welcome. We have two Airbnb spaces on the farm and 3 hipcamp areas. Our plan is to add more as we grow! We host wellness retreats, weddings, ceremonies, birthdays and gatherings. We are focused on sourcing and finding modalities and products to share with others that are purity and results focused. Please check out and email for more info or to reserve the farm for your special event. 
We have incredible views of the mountains and also of Cold Mountain. We are the first family in 5 generations to live on this land outside of the original family. The land was once a tobacco farm, cattle farm and golf course before the previous owner created his masterpiece on the land. The sunrises and sunsets are some of my favorite times on the farm. The previous owners choice of Raspberry Chocolate for the buildings makes it feel sometimes like a movie set. 
We are not very close to neighbors which makes the views incredible with a pretty peaceful vibe. We live on the property, so we are always available for questions while you are our guests. 
We have a misfit crew on the farm to meet as well! Most of our animals were rescues and love meeting new people! We have Nick the Cow with his side kick Oreo the goat, two gal donkeys named Sheena and Jolene. They were my first rescues. Sheena has the darker nose and Jolene has the lighter nose. rescue brother piggies named Sgt. Peppa and Chuck Berry. Sarge has a bit of a hearing problem, but if he sees you he will want to say hello! They like their noses touched and getting a pet! Our alpaca family enjoy protecting the goats, especially the little ones. Flash is the papa and he is the darker color. His son is also his coloring named Smokey or little boy. The mamas are Suprise and Supernova, their daughters are Pumpkin, Joy Sunshine and Trigger. The two goats without horns are males, the white one is Little John and the brown with an O on his side is Otto. They came with Darla the largest female. Abigail Surprise is pretty vocal and loves being loved on. We bottle fed her and I would baby wear her around town when I was bottle feeding. She is special to our hearts. We also have chickens and a Peacock named Pretty boy. We are currently looking for a lady friend for him. We don't want to forget Kendall our black rescue cat! She is an indoor/outdoor cat that will lie about not being fed enough or having enough freedom. 
If you see the porch next to our treatment shed vacant with the large G on it and prayer flags hanging please feel free to venture in and take in the views. It is one of my favorite spots on the farm. 
We hold deep gratitude for those who have found us and those on their way! 
 We look forward to sharing the space with you as we grow! 
Feel free to check out, Arise Farm FB page, and Instagram page  for additional photos and videos. Happy Trails to you!