With Economic Upheaval ... The Marketplace Tsunami For Local Businesses ... Inflation ...

Businesses Must Adapt To Market Change Digitally To Survive


Crypto Is Is Is Moving In Rapidly

It Handles Inflation And More and More People Recognize That

And Want Acceptance To Increase

We Can Provide Promotional Copy For Your Use In Numerous Ways

To Gain Loyalty From Offering The Option


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(Did you know, the oldest currency still in use is the British Pound, but Barter is alive and well and still used planet-wide?)

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9 Reasons To Add An Option For Crypto Purchase Button

  • Accept Bitcoin or any of a number of additional Altcoins

  • This gives your customer the option

  • There is never a chargeback (no problem handling through your support, though)
  • A separate payment button with your customized wording on it

  • Processing takes about the same amount of time to checkout as on your card/PayPal button

  • Your fees are only 1% or less  -  not 3+% like card processing

  • No days of waiting for processor to deposit into your bank account - it's effectively instant payment
  • Choose to put your payment payouts into your crypto wallet or your bank account

  • We install -and- you simply take care of your business

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It's Good For Business

More & More Potential Customers Will Take The Crypto Option Starting Now

You Can Stay Focused On Running Your Business

We Do The Crypto Button Work For You




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