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What Is Money? 

Confused if bitcoin and crypto coins are really money?

This 9-minute read will explain in everyday English, the 6-points that determine what is money and why failing any of the 6-points disqualifies something from being considered money.

Most people do not know these very basic principles, and unfortunately, that includes many who have degrees in economics.

There is a reason that this simple concept of the 6-points is covered up by elitist mumbo-jumbo and foggy economic philosophy-speak. It is explained in this short read.

No economic-mumbo-jumbo is used or needed and yet it is perfectly logical, what is money, and what is not money.

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Basic Economics:




                           Agreed Value/Exchange

In just a 5 minute read we explain how money, dollars, coins, crypto, checks, credit cards, debit cards, barter, relate to each other and handle the 'agreed value' before the 'exchange' occurs.

Simply worded in everyday language, with no economics mumbo-jumbo.

Economics mumbo-jumbo used throughout the banking and economics industry are intentionally put in front of the public.

Economic mumbo-jumbo is intended to keep most Americans confused about what what is going on financial with their money and the markets they have to store and exchange their money in.


The wealthiest sector of businesses, by far, are the financial markets.


Everyone knows that.

But why is never clearly understood by most Americans. Americans are just foggy on how money works, hidden behind all this gibberish of financial products and financial philosophy. Intentionally.

The financial sector, when you look closely, produces nothing. It just moves 'money' around, collecting fees on every move.

But knowing the foundations of money is what is missing from a clear understanding of why the financial sector businesses have no product except more money accumulated by those on the inside.

Most of the American public has never had a foundation of these basics explained, and the ones that seem to understand it after their university studies in economics often don't even get these basics.


Did you know that in the United States the most common 'money' used in all the states was

the Spanish 'Real de a ocho' (aka Peso Duro or Peso)

befor the Civil Way?

Do your own research, and you will find that this is true and uncontested.

Used across the world during the high times of the Spanish conducting commerce across the planet in the famous ships, the 'Real de a ocho' was universally recognized at a standard value - because it was always the same size, same weight of silver.

'Pieces of 8' was a translation of 'Real de a ocha' cut into 8 pieces so smaller values could be paid for with a single piece of the eight.

The US had not yet discovered it's own silver and mined it.

The Spanish had a corner on the international money market because they had exploited the silver the South Ameicans and region now known as Mexico of the silver the indigenous people had mined for a millenia. And then the Spanish put them to work as slaves to continue mining more. Thus the Spanish had huge volumes of silver and some gold to mint the Real de a ocho.

Since Spain didn't produce much and the other major countries at the time had their own merchant ships, all the Spanish silver eventually ended up being owned by the other major countries, including the young United States of America.


Then Came Gold Discoveries In United States Areas


After the California gold rush of 1849, the US mints went into operation big time. The coins the US Mint minted, particularly the Silver Dollar, were based on the 'Real de a ocha'.

With the gold discoveries, silver was also discovered and so gold and silver coins could be minted in great volume, buying the gold and silver from the prospectors and mines.

The US Mint was able to replace the Spanish Real de a ocho across America as the main stream money of American citizens and then the transactions of the world. 

The Real de a ocho was legal tender in the US until 1857, 4 years before the Civil War and 9 years after Americas first big gold discovery, when Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1857.


Bottom line, over long periods of time what people use as 'money' changes form and type.


People become accustomed to money in the form it is widely used in during their lifetime. These transitions only occur every several generations and so people don't know about the earlier versions of their money.

The US had prospered under the Spanish Real de ocho (Pieces of Eight) for well over 81 years (going back even before the Declaration of Indepence), then the US Mint silver and gold coins for another 56 years, also with private local transactions using local bank printed 'dollars' backed by gold and silver in those local banks - LONGER - than the US has used the 'Federal Reserve Note' we call the 'dollar' at 109 years currently.


And Along Came The Federal Reserve Bank & THEIR Federal Reserve Note


Earlier types of widely accepted money in the United States 137 years plus another 100 or so in colonial times - prosperous years all along. Federal Reserve Notes in several forms for 109 years. Only during the Federal Reserve era has America know 'inflation', a component feature of the Federal Reserve Note.

The Federal Reserve Note has transitioned over time. First there was the silver backed Federal Reserve dollar for 59 years, then in 1972 the silver/gold backing was taken away and it became the 'petro dollar' and that has gone on for 50 years.

Rampant inflation since the gold and silver backing was removed 50 years ago. Rampant, but creeping along slowly enough that people don't put attention on it until this past year.

The 'petro dollar' has reached the end of the line, as we see massive inflation and many oil producing nations starting to sell their oil in other currencies than the dollar, which was the international agreement in the early 1970s. 'All oil sold on the international market must be transacted in US dollars', even if between countries other than the US. And that has been the way it's been until right now.

The Federal Reserve bank is ramping up to roll out a new 'dollar' to replace the Federal Reserve Note in this next year.


Inflation Killing The Federal Reserve Note ?  Wait, Mr. Wizard To The Rescue

Our Very Own Central Bank Digital Currency, Federal Reserve Bank Owned, Of Course


It is referred to as the 'Central Bank Digital Currency'. And is being rolled out under the banner of incorporating the 'block chain' as a the permanent record-keeping built into each transaction.

There is a very devious, freedom & liberty killing side effect.

It will be the new era of the governement having a record of every cent each person and business transacts in.

The specific hit on all Americans will be clearly shown in the last section of the PDF you can download on this page.

Just remember that the US boomed for 137 years before the private corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank started printing Federal Reserve Notes in 1913.


This era, before the Federal Reserve Note, saw the creation of the largest wealth ever known.


An era of great wealth accumulation by people who are referred to as the 'robber barons' of 1870s through 1910. These people, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbuilt, and others, several of which accumulated more wealth that the wealthiest today, Bezos, Buffet, Musk, Gates, Page & Brin and others. 

Bezos and Musk are hovering around $100 billion each in wealth and assets in Federal Reserve Notes dollars. Rockefeller's (inflation adjusted) wealth was $340 billion in gold based equivalent assets. At one time around 1900 Andrew Carnegie was worth even more, before he started a massive giveaway of all of his wealth after selling his money machine, US Steel Corporation to JP Morgan. All this in gold/silver backed forms of money before the Federal Reserve Note existed.

All that wealth of the robberr barons plus the great transition to higher living standards across America came without a Federal Reserve Note dollar bill.


'Dollar' does not mean the Federal Reserve Note.


It was widely used at the time of our Declaration of Independence, refering to the Real de a ocho, Pieces of Eight, as the 'dolar'. It's a Spanish origin word and has always been the label of what Americans call the money in our country, regardless. American money is not the Federal Reserve Bank Note. That is a temporary place holder. 

Unfotunately, a majority of the American population has not seen any other American dollar in circulation.

Bottom line is the US Federal Reserve Note dollar is just a placeholder in time and that time is rapidly coming to an end.

The short, easy to understand read, of the relationship between money, dollar, coins, crypto, barter, bank wires, debit cards, credit cards and now the central bank digital currency, is worth the several minutes to really have a foundation understanding of money's place in any and all business transactions.

The final section of the PDF is an eye opener of why the central bank digital currency replacement dollar is truly a poison pill for Americans who transact in it.

But What Is Money?

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