Kevin Zimmer

Kevin Zimmer

CEO & Founder

Kevin has been in the building industry for more than 25 years

Our clients are promised the best expertise, the best quality products and a support team of professional and reliable , expert tradesmen ...

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Jill Zimmer

Jill Zimmer

Director of Sales & Marketing

Jill fulfills several important functions in the organizational structure of Primitive Stone. As a co-owner in the business Jill maintains a hands-on approach to ensure that Primitive Stone remains at the fore-front of current digital technology and online marketing trends  ... you can read more here! 

Mary Shelley

VP of Marketing

writes books about stuff ...

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Pool Paving Manager

Seems to get things done in bits and pieces ...

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Vera Mesterberger

Vera Mesterberger

In-Home Sales Support

Don't let Vera's good looks fool you.  She's a Measure and Quote specialist who leads the field when it comes to getting new clients for Primitive Stone ...

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