Flea Light

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Ari Lee

Ari Lee


In the summer of 2016 our German Shepherd puppy "Miko" was enjoying her days at the dog park in sunny Sarasota Florida.  At the time, we had not given her any flea meds since she was so young.  We didn't think it would be a big deal, having lived in NYC, where fleas were not that common.  This was a big mistake... 

A few weeks later we noticed our oldest daughter had many bites her legs.  We couldn't figure out what this was and she couldn't stop the bites from happening.  Then we decided to look closely at Miko and noticed that she also had some bites and rashes as well.  She never itched or gave us any visual indication that she had fleas,  By the time we realized her body was the source, it was too late.  The room that Miko slept in, with my daughter, was completely infested with fleas, not to mention each room of our house in which Miko would visit every day.  Sure enough, our entire home had fleas.

We decided to treat her with flea medication, but that only helped to repel the fleas from her body.  It never got rid of the flea infestation in our home.  

At this time, we were expecting a baby, so bombing our home with chemicals was out of the question.  

I started to do some research online and found many blogs talking about placing a light above a bowl of soapy water.  This was the most effective solution! 

I went on the hunt to search for some bowls in my kitchen and my wife shot down that idea rather quickly.  She was like "you are not using my eating bowls to catch fleas, that's disgusting!"  I agreed, it was pretty disgusting and we would end up throwing those bowls away afterward, breaking up the set.

Looks like a trip to Walmart for some cheap bowls. While I'm there I would need to find 3 lamps that would sit over each bowl.  All of the lamps in our home were either attached to the ceiling or side table lamps.  My only option was to buy three adjustable desktop lamps, which would cost me roughly $60 bucks, including my bowls.  I thought man, there's got to be a cheaper and better way.

That's when the Flea Light was born.  My goal was to offer an inexpensive and straight forward solution to end flea infestation inside your home.

This simple, yet effective solution saved me hundreds of dollars from flea treatments, hiring exterminators and chemical bombing my home.  If you have a flea problem, please consider our product, it really works!  


Ari Lee