Montell Jordan New Songs Are A "MASTERPEACE"



Montell Jordan new songs and his rise from an artist to Executive Pastor

For more than a decade he stayed away from music to lead a life committed to the affairs in the church. Today, Montell Jordan is back with new songs. His first album since his life changes.

"Masterpeace" is Montell's first album in about 10 years. In this project, Jordan joined artists Tedashii and Lecrae, and made this project an immediate success.

In an interview with "You Know I Got Soul," Montell Jordan talks about what made him come back to making music. He also mentioned how the music business is different now then it when he was a R&B star.

Montell also says that there was a bit of hesitation in coming back. Going on to say that people today have access to music and artists in a such different way.

Montell is at peace with his decision on coming back. He is not concern with writing songs to please others. Being very confident, he believes he can still make good music. Artists we all grew to love during the 1990s are still making hit songs.

Jordan is an accomplished R&B singer, who is known for hit song, "This is How We Do It’. Jordan became very famous because of this hit.

Today, Jordan uses music as a means to spread God's message to people.

The multi-platinum artist has been nominated for Grammy awards. He also has made songs as an executive pastor for Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia.

Montell leads a team of worship known as Victory World Music, which includes marriage ministry.

Even today, Jordan offers to perform and speaks about his love for music and the influence of his ministry.  He helps grow people into leaders and takes them to know Jesus.

After having won many awards in television, music and film, Jordan was not happy.

Being gifted as a husband, a friend, and a dad, Montell stayed away from the entertainment business for quite some time.

During this period, Jordan went on to take on what is important and finally succeed in choosing the right profession. This decision had much to do with the faith he had during his childhood.

Today Jordan carries his ministry to married couples and continues to write songs and perform.

While being away from music, Jordan made a new beginning and a commitment to worship the Lord.

Today, Jordan is working in over 130 countries and services over 13,000 people across the world. Every week working as of an Executing Pastor of Victory World Church in Norcross, GA.

Jordan’s conviction accounts for his desire to bring the good news of his journey. He is seeking all who are ready to listen and are able to fall in line with him so that he can help them.

Montell is completely aware of the challenges he was up against on his way back to making music.

He also relies on his remarkable journey from an R&B artist to living as a christian. He describes his life now in a book called "Becoming Unfamous."

Choosing faith and family first, Montell has gained spiritual knowledge and valued life experiences.

He is passionate about his work as an artist as well as a pastor.

Read his autobiography, and you will understand how he went from the just a man of community to an spiritual activist. He is committed in maintaining his his relationship with God, family, and his wife.

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