Charlie Wilson New Music "One I Got"

Popularly known as Uncle Charlie, veteran R&B singer Charlie Wilson recently dropped his new music/single “One I Got” and it has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views on music streaming sites like YouTube.


Betty Wright Songs | Top 5 Hits

Betty Wright, legendary soul and gospel singer, passed away tragically a couple of weeks ago at the age of 66. She released dozens of classic songs and albums in her remarkable career. While for many, Betty Wright songs were the soundtracks of their lives, some may not be as familiar with her work as others. So here is a quick crash course of Betty Wright Top 5 Songs.


Bill Withers: An American R&B Icon Has Died

Billy Withers has known great success in his career and has even won 3 Grammy Awards for his authentic and soulful voice and songs. Besides that, he also earned his spot in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame because of his important contribution to the soul music industry. On March 30th, Billy Withers has died in Los Angeles at the age of 81 years old because of heart problems.


Al Green Top Love Songs and Classic Hits

Albert Leornes Greene who was famously known as Reverend Al Green was born on 13th April, 1946 in Arkansas, U.S. Al green became famous in the 1970’s following his great soul music career after producing the top love songs ’Let’s Stay Together’’ and other singles including Tired of Being Alone’’ and You Oughta Be with Me’’.


Montell Jordan New Songs Are A "MASTERPEACE"

For more than a decade he stayed away from music to lead a life committed to the affairs in the church. Today, Montell Jordan is back with new songs. His first album since his life changes.


Old School Slow Jams and R&B Mix Lead by Tina Turner

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