Food Guide: Brighton Bar & Grill

Brighton, Michigan

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16 Jan 2024 ! Brighton Bar & Grill ! Brighton, MI


I’m usually a creature of habit and tend to go to the same places quite often. But it’s always fun to try out a new dining place.  So we tried a new restaurant this week – Brighton Bar & Grill.  By the crowd inside, I’m sure most everyone in the local area has heard of it and eaten there at least a few times.  But, being new to the area, I had never been to this place. 

Parking was a bit difficult, especially with all the snow banks on the street.  But once we got inside, it was quite nice.  We strolled right past the bar with the bar stools and all the bottles of booze on the wall.  It sure looked tempting!  But we were meeting my cousins who were already seated, so we kept going! 


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The waiter, I think his name was Bill, was a hoot and added to the fun of our outing.  Most everyone ordered croissant sandwiches with soup.  I had a bowl of their tomatoe tarragon soup and it was delicious!  I absolutely loved it, especially the thin slices of parmesan cheese that were melting on top.  Everyone said their food was fantastic, and most everyone had to take a to-go box home because the sandwiches were so big and filling.  Then we all split a piece – a huge piece – of carrot cake.  The icing was about ¾” thick and it was very satisfying!  We even had to take a very large slice home (which is all gone now by the way!). 


Linda Elaine's Food, Travel & Gear Guide

All in all, the Brighton Bar & Grill was a hit in my book.  The service was great and the food was fantastic!  It’s definitely a great place to go with friends and family for a fun, tasty outing.