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IAL Coaching is a unique partnership that blends the best of marketing and coaching expertise to help member clients achieve their goals. Our team of marketing professionals will work closely with IAL Coaches to deliver a coaching and healing experience that is second to none. With our focus on marketing and branding, we can help you take your business to the next level. 

The IAL Coach’s role is to even out the daily and long term priorities of a member client in order to find balance and achieve overall healing. The coach works with member client's  to design an overall plan that ensures the highest level of comfort during regular sessions, proper compliance of the plan, and support for life long maintenance.

Our experience tells us there is no simple solution or 8-step “feel better” process to healing. We understand that every person, every condition, and coaching experience is different. We make it our job as IAL to require coaches to customize each treatment plan according to the member clients unique situation while still meeting all program requirements.

IAL coaches make it simple for member clients to concentrate on healing instead of spending time wondering whether the coach is following the agreed upon strategy. 

At I Am Legend, we believe that every coach has the potential to make a real impact in the world. That’s why we provide marketing support and tools that are designed to help coaches reach their clients more efficiently and can get their message out to the world quickly and easily. With I AM Legend, you really can become a legend in your field.


Your Coaching Practice is Waiting


Why not start your coaching business on the right foot with our comprehensive resources?  Life can be so much easier when you can get the tools you need to help start or grow your coaching practice. Find professional branding and marketing materials that help you present a polished image to your clients.

Use our marketing and communication resources, appointment booking system, and the TEP Academy, we've got you covered. Learn how to service your clients, and more. Everything you need to succeed is right here.



Serious Coaches starting their own coaching practice should look for partners who can answer their questions, deliver strategies, and help them spearhead campaigns when they find themselves overwhelmed, stuck, and confused about what comes next. I Am Legend can help minimize the overwhelm and take away all the confusion .

Problem #1

Problem: Coaches work hard to provide mentorship, support, and guidance but, can be frustrated because they feel like they've been working on their coaching business but can't seem to get anywhere? 

Spin: Would a support team make a difference? Would the right tools and a solid strategy help build your confidence? Would it make a difference if you had automated systems delivering cash to you daily? We'll share powerful tips and tricks that will allow you to grow your coaching business. 

Solved: Struggling at marketing yourself as a coach, don't give up! You can make an impact helping others. Simply go to our coaching packages on this page and select the one that best suits you. We have created strategically designed plans specifically for coaches. The IAL blueprint is designed to catapult any online coach or aspiring coach into success!

Problem #2

Problem: As a new or established Personal Development Coach, you probably realize you need more resources to help your clients achieve their goals. But how do you find those resources all in one place?

Spin: Considering the amount of time and money you're investing in yourself and your prospective clients, shouldn't you consider using the latest and most cost effective innovative tools available on the market? It's time you opened the door to proven strategies that gives you the keys to more opportunities.

Solved: IAL solutions help you service more clients, boost results, optimizes your productivity, and does it all on automation? We guide you in a variety of client management processes, communication and marketing resources, along with giving you complete access to the TEP Academy for you and your client. Now you have everything you need to succeed as a coach.

Problem #3

Problem: You want to grow your coaching business but you don't have enough time. Truth is it takes longer because you just don't know how to get it done. I need to make a move but, where?

Spin: You may not know how to add pixels or bring your products from your website store to your facebook page. You may not know how to organize your coaching sessions so that they will be easier and more productive. But you can recognize when you need help for your business. So what do you do? Hmm...

Solved: Bag Seazun Marketing provides coaches with access to a marketing strategist to help prevent many of the common problems that small businesses face when specific needs are not managed properly. We can help increase your visibility online, build an email list, host your awesome courses, offer multiple distribution channels, and bring it all together on one powerful platform. 

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