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How to Schedule a Meeting with David

David is available for conferences, regional and international seminars. For a Worship weekend, here's what you can expect:

David (or David and Rita) comes to a venue (local church, conference center, hotel ballroom, etc.) and typically spends a Saturday morning sharing his heart, music and teaching with the attendees (ideally worshippers from the surrounding region).

Saturday evening is a night of worship. David will rehearse with your worship team and give them the opportunity to worship with David, including the musicians, singers, choir, dance and banners, sound and technical personnel, and of course, the congregation.

On Sunday morning David will lead worship, share special music, and teach and share as the Lord leads.

Finances - Our ministry needs are:

  • Travel, food and lodging expenses
  • Love offering/Honorarium (a mutual goal for the weekend will be discussed)

Of course, David is also available for concerts, church services, conferences, cruises (yes cruises!). David and Rita also minister together at Marriage weekends and conferences. Rita is available as a conference speaker, teacher,  special speaker for Ladies’ Retreats. Click here to start the scheduling process and receive more information on how to book a meeting with David and/or Rita.