About Greenlight

Empowering incredible human potential

Lead by Dr. Terrence Cash, for more than a decade, Greenlight has been helping clients apply the hidden secrets of the wealthy to change their mindset, perspective and relationship with money to achieve outcomes and lifestyles previously unknown to them.

Greenlight is a pioneer and the leading provider of non-conventional business, money & wealth solutions that help people achieve their incredible human potential, especially financially. 

About Dr. Terrence Cash

Chairman & Founder of Greenlight and it's related companies

Introducing Internationally Renowned Business, Money & Wealth Coach - Dr. Terrence Cash

Dr. Terrence Cash is the Chairman, Founder and CEO of Greenlight Advantage Group Inc. and related companies. As the Nation’s #1 Business, Money & Wealth Coach, Dr. Cash is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, accredited private investor, philanthropist, best-selling author and public speaker with 30 years of experience and success in business.

Dr. Cash has learned many of the hidden secrets that guide the world’s wealthiest people to launch, nurture and grow enormously successful businesses and accumulate their fortunes. His company – Greenlight, is a pioneer and the leading providers of non-conventional business, money, & wealth solutions that help people achieve their incredible human potential, especially financially.

Dr. Cash also serves as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Greenlight Investment Partners Inc., a diversified holding company which specializes in profitable, progressive and productive investment opportunities through its Chairman’s Fund. This fund represents an elite Fund of Funds that include diverse assets and investment vehicles, all housed under the umbrella of a single capital investment base. In addition, investors in this special and exclusive investment environment consistently receive tax-exempt quarterly cash payouts as well as double-digit returns per year because of their participation in the fund.

The Team

Our executive leadership team

Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell

Chief Marketing Officer

With more than 30 years in the fields of digital media and marketing, Larry has helped companies shape and sharpen their message, branding and brand projection to improve the way they are viewed by their markets and their overall performance.

A published author & recording artist, he leads the marketing mission at Greenlight as well as the development of Greenlight's web-based adaptations of our Business Mastery and Wealth Creation solutions. 

Tamara Webb

Tamara Webb

Executive & Investment Office Services

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David Elcock

David Elcock

Executive Vice President, Marketing & Client Development

With more than 30 years as an executive level intrapreneur and entrepreneur David has a successful track record of providing public, private, commercial, State, and Federal clients with innovative and consultative Business Development, Human Capital, and Operations Management solutions largely focused on Information Security Program Development, Regulatory Compliance and Healthcare Information Technology solutions.

David Elcock brings to Greenlight Advantage Group a history of service and humanitarian collaboration after having held numerous volunteer and charitable positions with charitable organizations such as The International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professional, The Enterprise Foundation, Morris Heights & Montefiore Medical Health Centers, Mount Hope Housing Association, Team First Youth Services, National Equity Fund, Access One Broadband, One Economy, Food for Survival and World Share.  It is this same core sense of benevolence that will guide and inform David's approach to developing client, partner relationships worthy of Greenlight Advantage Group, Inc solutions, and services.