How we help people transform their lives financially

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Premium Coaching - Business, Money & Wealth - One-On-One

Helping individuals & families learn to 'Run Your Life As A Business'

Through thousands of interactions with the rich and wealthy, which he then applied to his own life and business, Dr. Terrence Cash learned the hidden wealth secrets they use to handle their money matters and distilled it into the "No Personal Gain" success formula, so that he can help you apply these principles to your life. As a result, Greenlight's clients enjoy an elevated money IQ and are able to achieve financial freedom and experience their full human potential.

This premium coaching is one-on-one wih Dr. Cash and is tailored around your life. It helps you get past financial challenges and learn how to never be snared by them in the future. It also helps you live like the wealthy and create the true path to your wealth. 

With Greenlight, you learn to Run Your Life As A Business, which has the following 4 outcomes:

  • Fund and finance your life, in a manner never previously experienced, leading to levels of freedom you've only dreamed about before.
  • Obtain personal enhanced, legal protection for you, your family and your assets.
  • Get better gains, yields and upsides from your investments.
  • Gain the opportunity and permission to pay the minimum, legal tax.

Premium Coaching - Business Mastery - One-On-One

Helping business owners avoid pitfalls while they learn to thrive

And for business owners, it means finally seeing how to grow your business, raise capital, protect your assets, greatly reduce your tax exposure and apply our  business mastery principles to outperform your competitors, leaving them  mystified.

This one-on-one coaching is based on the needs of your business and is designed to help you discover a clear path to achieving your business goals and then creating new, even more amazing ones.

As a serial entreprenuer with more than 30 years of business experience, Dr. Terrence Cash helps you achieve mastery over the proper management and growth of your business, while learning how to seize opportunities and fend of threats. 

Strategic Investing

Isn't it time that your money really went to work for you?

Dr. Terrence Cash is the Chairman & Founder of the Greenlight Corporate Group of companies and is a seasoned serial entrprenuer, wealth coach, best-selling author & philathropist, with over 30 years of experience & success in business.

Greenlight’s proprietary, No Personal Gain Success FormulaTM produces exceptional financial trajectories for each individual investor of this fund.

The Chairman’s Fund represents an eclectic collection of strategic assets that share the following common characteristics. These include passive, lucrative, tax exempt, strategic & diverse 

performance dynamics. In addition, this special & exclusive investment opportunity regularly delivers quarterly cash dividends equivalent to upsides that range between 12%-77% per year. 

The typical Investor enjoys fund equity ownership, pro-rata beneficial interests and a tax-exempt quarterly cash dividend as a result of their participation in the fund. This special investment is only available from Greenlight to eligible Business, Money & Wealth (BMW) Coached Solutions Clients.  More details associated with the Chairman’s Fund are outlined in the Companion Fact Sheet.